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When Luffy and his mates drop anchor at the bizarre island of Long Ring Long Land, they're challenged to a Davy Back Fight by the fast-talking Foxy Pirates!The Straw Hats are no strangers to squabbles, but the sacred code of pirates decrees that this contest could cost Luffy his crew!...
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One Piece Ep 654 - Beautiful Sword! Cavendish of the... (SUB)
Episode   |   TV-14   |   23:31
Law is pinned by Fujitora, and Doflamingo has the upper hand! Only the most cunning of tricks could save Law's plan to hand Caesar over to Nami and the others! Meanwhile, the Sunny falls into danger again, and the battle for Block D heats up in the Colosseum -- with vicious contenders setting their sights on Rebecca!